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Welcome to Green Bay Ballroom's Online Wedding Dance program!


Having a well choreographed first dance can make all the difference to bride & groom. Without a well structured choreography, dancing a first dance can be overwhelming and scary especially for those without any previous dancing experiences. In contrary, when you know your steps and when to take them, it will add the confidence and elegance to your first dance. And we can help you get there!

First, you will need to choose the song. Our wedding dance choreography videos suggest great options for you to choose from. Watch our choreographed dances and find the one that's made for you! Each of  our choreographed dance comes with detailed how-to videos.


Once you select your song and dance, it's time to get your feet wet. Follow our online dance instruction to accomplish your choreography. We will teach you the essential elements of partner dancing. Then, we will be along side you each step of the way until the completion of your chosen choreography. 

Below are example descriptions of our lessons. Please watch our free choreography videos to find the you love. Once you've signed up to the program, you will have full access to your dance tutorial videos. And you can start learning from home right away. We look forward to being a part of your wedding dance journey!

Part 1 - Getting Started.


Lesson 1: Finding the Beat in a Song

In this lesson, you will learn how to find the beat in a song of your choice and the basic steps that fit your song wonderfully.

Lesson 2: The Dance Hold and Posture

Partner dancing is all about connection. It takes good posture and proper dance hold to connect with your partner on the dance floor. In this lesson, you will learn the proper way to dance with your future husband or wife.

Lesson 3: Leading and Following

In the 3rd lesson, you will learn one of the most important skills in partner dancing: communication. Leaders will learn how to give clear signals and followers will learn how to trust your partner and follow.

Part 2 - Making it Yours.


After introducing the basic and foundational concepts of partner dancing, you will begin the first draft of your first dance! We will teach you all of the steps you need for beginning segment of your dance. This is one of the most essential sections. The first few steps you take will draw the attention from your audiences. So, make sure to master this section before moving on.

Segment One: Intro Step & Timing 

You are now ready to learn your first dance step! This is essential to the success of your first dance. It is simple to learn and will give you a good foundation for the future steps. Practice this repeatedly until it becomes second nature.

Segment Two: Beginning Segment & Styling

In this lesson, you will learn next moves that progress your first dance. This segment gets better with more styling and muscle memories. We will show you the steps, styling tips, as well as leading and following suggestions.

Segment Three: Highlight Segment & Styling

In this lesson, you will get into the highlight of the song. This part of the choreography introduces more advanced steps and patterns such as lifts, dips, and turns. Pay attention to our instruction and practice many times until you get it right. If any questions, it is advised to take our virtual private lessons for one on on instruction.

Segment Four: Ending Segment & Finishing Touches

As your song is coming to an end, so will your choreography. Slow and elegant ending can make all the difference to a great dance. We will show you how to take the last steps of your choreography and discuss various ways to add finishing touches such as emotions, eye-contact, etc.

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