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How to Dance at a Wedding

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The wedding is coming up. I'd really like to dance but I don't know how...

We heard it many times from our students that they need help with learning how to dance at weddings. They would love to dance at weddings but they don't feel comfortable nor confident to. This post is for those of you that might feel the same way. In this post, we will offer some practical ways that will help you learn how to dance at weddings.

1. Find Out Why You Don't Dance.

Most people think that as long as you learn some dance moves, you will be able to dance at weddings. But it is always wise to ask why you don't dance on the floor. Some people choose not to dance simply because they don't know how. Others may feel uncomfortable dancing in front of other people. Also, not having enough confidence can influence our desires to be on the floor. Even a professional dancer can struggle dancing in front of others if he/she doesn't have enough confidence. Once you find out why, it's time to combat it!

2. Find Ways to Combat Your Fear.

If you answered that only reason you don't dance at weddings is because you don't know how, Great! This means that your next step is to learn how to dance; find local ballroom or latin classes to join or find an instructor that provides private lessons. You can also learn it online although this may take more time. When you reach out to instructors, be sure to indicate your goals and what you are looking for. This will allow them to help you more effectively.

If you answered that you don't dance because you don't feel comfortable dancing in front of other people, we encourage you to find group classes or social dance events to attend in your local area. Along with some dance instruction, dancing with other people can encourage you to face your fear and replace it with positive experiences. Other attendees who share the joy of dancing and perhaps the similar fear or goals can be your encouragement. If you answered that you don't have enough confidence to dance, ask why. Your answer to the question will change the course you should take to combat it. Consult with local dance studios or instructors if you have any questions.

3. Face your Fear and Replace it with Joyful Experiences.

For those of you that don't know how to dance, it's a great idea to join classes or make reservations for lessons at local dance studios. Search for ballroom and latin dance studios in your area and find out what kind of classes they offer. You can also give them a call to ask any questions and tell them what you are looking for. They should provide you with enough information and suggest solutions that will assist you in achieving your goals. If you don't feel comfortable or confident dancing in front of other people, find social dance parties and group classes in your local areas. These events will help you gain more confidence and comfort. Be sure to learn how to dance as you participate in these events so that you don't feel awkward or left out. Most studios that host these events will provide instruction which is a great plus for beginning dancers.

4. Find the Instructor that can Help You

You know your goals and which areas you may need help. You've been learning more about your local studios and events they offer. It's time to find an instructor that will help you achieve your goals. Finding a great instructor makes huge differences in your dancing journey. Here are some of the attributes you will find in great dance instructors:

  • They will listen to your goals, desires, and concerns.

  • They will suggest solutions and explain how they can help you.

  • They don't make goals for you. They will help you create your goals and help you achieve them.

  • They communicate well and are open to your feedbacks.

  • They might suggest types of dances that will work best for your skills, learning pace, and occasions.

  • They will provide events or suggest local events that will help you reach your goals.

If you are living in Green Bay area and are looking to learn how to dance, Green Bay Ballroom can help you achieve your goals. Simply call/text us at (920)249-7773 or email for more information on how we can help.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Learn and practice. Utilize what you learned at different events such as dance parties or social events. Please understand, this will take time but consistency and your efforts will never disappoint you. When you practice, focus on one concept at a time rather than everything you learned. For example, you might choose to focus on lead/follow for the 1st round of practice. Discuss with your partner (if you are practicing with a partner) what felt right and what can be improved. If you have any disagreements, consult with your instructor right away. It's always a good idea to consult with professionals than to argue. On your next round, focus on other areas such as footwork or styling. This way you won't get overwhelmed during your practice.

6. It's the Wedding Day. Just Enjoy It!

You practiced hard and now it's time to shine. Don't be nervous or discouraged. Rather, just tell yourself to enjoy this moment. Have you imagined you would come this far? You did great. Remember that this is the progress of your journey, not the final results.

7. Continue with your Journey and Don't Stop.

Just like learning any new skills, your dance skills can get rusty after a break. Be sure to maintain what you learned by practicing regularly, attending and dancing at weddings, and joining various dance lessons and events.

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