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Why You Should Challenge Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone.

As a dance instructor, one of the things that I hear often is "I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable..." This is a very natural response when we are asked to try out something that we are not used to. We feel threatened; 'I've never done it before. How would I look like if I were to...' Some of us give up at this point. We say to ourselves that "It's just not for me."

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. ~ Robert Kennedy.

But there are some people that are willing to give it a try. Some of my students have tried something that puts them absolutely out of their comfort zone; performing in front of public, learning various patterns that they are not sure how to lead or follow, put in situations that they need to step up in front of other dancers, etc. Each person has their underlined fears or undiscovered territories. As a teacher and guide, it is my job to help them discover these areas.

Green Bay Ballroom and their Students

Challenging ourselves out of the comfort zone is one of the biggest ways to learn something and discover who we are. After trying out something out of their comfort zones, some students have said "Thanks for making me try it. It wasn't as bad as I thought!" They feel delighted and victorious; they understand that they will try it again next time without much hesitation or fear. Other students also have said that "I tried it and now I really know that this is not for me." We gain more understanding of what we like and dislike through trials, errors, and our victorious success. And our understanding of self determines our confidence and self-identity.

But it is also very important to note that not all challenges are healthy or good. When we are pushed to do something that we don't want to do or don't believe is right, we can face the turmoil or even a traumatic experience. That's why it is important for us to determine whether or not the challenge is good and healthy for us.


Healthy Challenges VS Bad Challenges

It makes us nervous and excited at the same time VS It conflicts with our value and belief system

It gives us plenty of time to prepare for the challenge VS We are pushed to do it instantly

It is suggested by professionals in the field that cares VS It is an idea or myth from unknown source

It's expected results are clearly explained VS It causes you to wonder about the unknown results

Your expert is there to assist you with your progress VS You have no one to help you along the way

We are prepared emotionally to try it VS We feel vulnerable trying something new


Are you ready to embrace your new challenges and step out of your comfort zone? Then, let us help you along the way. Share in comments below what are some of your new challenges are, we would love to cheer you for your new journey of growth.

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