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From Strong Foundation to Professional Skills.

You will be professionally trained in the following latin dances: Chacha, Samba, Rumba, Paso-Doble, and Jive.

Upon joining our team, you will be partnered up and begin training at regular sessions. You and other dancers will be taught the foundational and professional concepts of all five International Latin dances.

During our training sessions, you will refine foundational concepts, bronze through gold level routines, and we will build customized choreographies that are designed for you and your partner's performances and competitions.

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Train with a partner that shares the same passion

Many dance students in the USA perform and compete with their instructors. This is great as you learn to improve your dancing skills. Nonetheless, competing with your instructors can cost you a lot of money. You might also find it difficult to find more time to practice since you are not dancing with your own partner with mutual goals.

In order to provide a solution, you will be partnered with another dancer and grow together. Along with our professional guidance and your dedicated partner, you will find motivation to improve your skills as a dancer as you follow your journey of becoming a professional latin dancer.

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An opportunity to express your passion for dance

What better way to show your passion than inspiring others through your dance?

Our trainees will be given opportunities to perform at different events and platforms. Through these performances, you will develop your portfolio as an active dancer and grow your experience.

These experiences in performing will help you gain more comfort and confidence as you become professional dancers.

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Rise to the occasion and take up the challenge

Ultimately, you will train to compete at different national competitions in the US.

Your dedication and hard work will shine on the dance floor as you maneuver around your competitors and other peer dancers.

Our program's goal is to provide you with enough resources and opportunities to compete so that you can continually develop your portfolio and experience as a dancer.

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