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3 Tips for Perfect Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance in Green Bay, WI

Is your wedding coming up? Getting tired of spending too much time and money into your wedding planning? For many brides and grooms, "yes" is their true answers. A wedding day is too special to take lightly; this is a day that you will promise your lifelong commitment and love to your beloved one! Having the right venue, decoration, lighting, and food are important since it sets the exact environment that you are looking for. Wedding dance is one of the many ways that brides and grooms show off their love for one another before the eyes of their loved ones. But how can you know which song or dance is right for yo

  1. Know your personality as a couple. Your wedding dance is a performance that reveals who you are as a couple and how much you love one another. Before choosing your song, be sure to think about the characteristics that makes your relationship unique and special.

  2. Choose 'your song' that reflects you and your love. Do you have a song that makes you think of your fiance? Is there a song that brings you back to the special memories of your love? Listen to the lyrics and make a decision on your special song together. When you are dancing to the song that reminds you of your love, it makes all the difference and your audience will feel it too.

  3. Find out which dance matches your song. Is your song slow or fast? What kind of rhythm does it have? Do you want a little surprise at the end? Knowing these answers will help you find the perfect dance that will match your personality, song, and romance.

If you answered these questions and are wondering which dance will be the best fit for your first dance, send us a message by clicking the button at the bottom right of our site or book your free 30 min consultation on our website at: We would love to assist you in finding out your perfect dance at no cost.

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