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How to Begin Ballroom Dancing.

What is a good class to learn how to ballroom dance for beginners? Which dance should I start with? Will I need a partner? How much will it cost?

We are asked these questions pretty often. Many of beginning dancers want to know how to start and here are the answers.

Introductory Lesson VS Beginners Group Classes

Many dance studios offer introductory classes, often referred as intro class or introductory lesson. The Introductory Lesson is 1-on-1 lesson which provides unintimidating learning environment. You won't have to worry about dancing in front of other people who might think that you have two left feet. If this might be one of your concerns, check out this post about embracing healthy challenges.

During the Introductory Lesson, your instructor will introduce different dances they offer at the studio. You get to experience some of the basics and try them out to the music; this will help you find out which dances you liked or disliked. Based on the information you find out during this class, you can move on to the next phase; Would it be better for you to learn in group settings or private settings? Which dance(s) would work best for you? How often would you learn and practice? The answers to these questions will determine what your education plan will look like and how much it will cost to start ballroom dancing.

If you just want to try out to find out whether or not ballroom dancing is your thing, Beginners Group Classes might be a great way to start. You can book your spot or just walk-in to this group class. Normally, the instructor will introduce the basic steps of one or two dances. Since you won't experience all the dances that they offer in one spot, it may take a bit longer to find out which dances you like and dislike. Nonetheless, this is a great way to meet other dancers in your community and learn how to dance basic steps. Each studio should have a calendar on their website indicating when their Beginners Group Classes are. You can also give them a call to find out more.

If the studio that you are looking into doesn't offer any Intro classes nor the Beginners Group Classes, you might want to consider other studios that does. Beginning is always the big step; you are walking into a whole new environment with bravery. You want to make sure you are putting yourself in the environment that you can trust and grow in.

Check the reviews of the studio and testimonials of its students. In a short period of time, you will learn more about the studio, instructors, and learning environment.

So, are you ready to start dancing?

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