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January Student Highlight: Amy Luvsan

"This is my dream. That's why I do this."

I remember the first day that Amy walked into our studio. She was so happy to see the ballroom and was thrilled to try out ballroom dancing for the first time. Dancing became her second nature upon finding our studio and ever since, we have been dancing with her almost every class we offer throughout the week. It'd be weird not to see Amy in any of our group photos and we absolutely adore having her in our groups.

It is apparent that her love for ballroom and latin dancing gave her the desire and motivation to continue in her journey of dance. It's been a great privilege to be a part of her dancing journey and witness her growth as a ballroom & latin dancer.

She shared a little bit of her dream as a child; she always wanted to learn how to ballroom and latin dance but was never given the opportunity to. She said, "I'm giving this opportunity to myself. When I was young I couldn't do this but now, I want to do this for me." Often times, we let go of our childhood dreams as time passes by. Amy, on the other hand, remembered her dream and didn't let go of it until she was able to accomplish that dream.

Now, her goal is to be able to dance with more confidence and grace. She hopes to learn and practice more this new year of 2020 so that she can dance more at our annual Winter Gala. As a beginning dancer, Amy came to our 2019 Winter Gala and was inspired to learn more so that she can dance with much more knowledge and confidence in social dancing events.

She is now training through private lessons along with group classes and workshops as a platinum member at Green Bay Ballroom. Within less than six months, we have seen so much passion and growth in her dancing. It is such a privilege to witness and assist her growing as a beautiful ballroom and latin dancer.

Thanks Amy for choosing Green Bay Ballroom!

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