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New & Exciting things Happening at Green Bay Ballroom dance studio!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Did you have a great Christmas?

We truly hope that your holiday season is filled with much warmth and joy. As we are nearing the end of this year, we thought to share our gratitude and also the new & exciting things that will take place in a new year, 2020!

You are Our Dance Family

First, we want to thank you for coming to Green Bay Ballroom and joining our dance family. Ever since we opened our door in May of 2019, we have seen so much growth and warm support. It could not have happened without you and your love for dancing. So, thank you for creating an environment of warmth and joy at our studio!

Performances & Fun Events

We also want to thank our performing students for their courage and bravery! We also want to thank every dancers, friends, and family members who came to our special events to cheer our performing students and have fun with us. We hope to continue in our passion for bringing more quality performing arts & dance entertainment along with more occasions to dance and have fun. *Check our upcoming events & classes here.

New & Exciting News for 2020!

Starting in January, we will be providing more classes and workshops for our dance family. We are expanding our Beginners classes in order to provide more options for students and meet the demands. Mondays will be an intro class for anyone who would love to try out the dances. We will introduce two dances during Mondays' Beginners Group Classes. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we will provide more in-depth knowledge of each of those dances.

This means that we can bring more challenging and level-appropriate concepts for our intermediate classes as well! As our students develop and grow in their dance journey, we hope to provide the quality dance instruction that will ensure the great results.

New Programs, New Instructors!

Please Welcome our New Instructors, Brandon and Stephanee.

We want to introduce you to our new instructors, Brandon and Stephanee. Some of you have met them at our studio and some of you will soon. They are very excited to share their love and passion for Ballroom and Latin dance with you.

At Green Bay Ballroom, we not only consider the potentials our instructors have but also the merits of individuals. Both Brandon and Stephanee believe that patience, warmth, and high quality instruction make great instructors. They hope to provide instruction that can touch, inspire, and safe (not intimidating.)

New Programs, New Prices!

Membership Information and Prices Change in January

Our membership options are updating in January. With more benefits and quality services, the prices of our memberships also will increase. However, our current members won't be charged a penny more! This also means that if you get a membership before December ends, your membership will be honored at a lower price. So, if you are planning on becoming our members, be sure to do it now and receive more for less starting in a new year!

*If a member cancels the plan and returns, our most updated prices will be applied.

And the new membership, Platinum Plus will be introduced! Get all the benefits of group learning and the 1 on 1 instruction with this new membership.

Thanks for Dancing with Us!

We look forward to More Dancing & Socializing with You!


Green Bay Ballroom

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