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What to Wear for the First Dance Class.

Do I dress up? Do I wear something casual? What kind of shoes should I wear?

Are you looking forward to your first lesson and wondering what to wear?

We get these questions quite often from our students. We understand that it can be overwhelming so here is some guidance to walk you through picking out your outfit!

To Dress up or Not to Dress up?

Dancing is a fun way to exercise; It is important to wear lightweight clothes so that you can move freely and not get too hot. More importantly, you want to consider your occasion to dance. Is it your date night? Or is it your workout?

Some students enjoy dressing up for their classes and others prefer wearing activewear. There is no right or wrong and here's your options to choose from:

Options for formal occasion...

Men's Attire

  • Short/long button-up sleeves

  • Polo shirts

  • Dress pants

  • Khakis

  • Vest

Women's Attire

  • Blouse

  • Dress

  • Button up blouse

  • Flared Skirt

  • Fitted dress pants

Options for casual occasion...

Men's Attire

  • Cotton T-shirt

  • Jeans

  • Shorts

  • Activewear

Women's Attire

  • Cotton T-shirt

  • Yoga pants

  • Activewear

What to Avoid

Now that you know what to wear, let's go over what to avoid.

There's nothing more annoying than constantly adjusting uncomfortable clothing when you're trying to learn a dance move so try to avoid clothing that could be distracting.

Here are some clothing items you might want to steer clear of:

  • Clothing that is very tight-fitting or revealing - Such as tube tops, very short dresses, skirts and shorts, as these can limit your movements.

  • Clothing that is very loose fitting - Such as sweaters, sweatpants, scarves, hats, as these could make you hot and uncomfortable or can come loose easily.

  • Shoes that can fall off easily - Such as slip-on sandals, flip flops, strapless heels, or heavy/clunky shoes such as hiking shoes, boots, clogs, and crocks

  • Shoes with rubber soles since you’ll be doing footwork that requires spinning or sliding


It's always a good idea to bring a pair of indoor shoes to your class. This helps your studio's dance floor last longer and helps you dance with ease. If you would like some guidance on dance shoes, ask us about our dance shoes catalog.

Here are some examples from Green Bay Ballroom's dance shoes catalog:

If you do not yet have dance shoes, here are some other footwear options that you can try:

Men's Shoes

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Loafers

  • Oxfords

Women's Shoes

  • Wedges with a back strap

  • Low heels

  • Flats

As you can see, there are many options for ballroom dance attire. But in the end, choose what makes you feel most comfortable to dance in because when you feel good, you dance good.

I hope these suggestions helped guide your clothing decisions so you feel more ready for your first dance class.

Have an awesome first dance class!

Green Bay Ballroom aims to provide the quality dance instruction to Green Bay and its surrounding areas. We offer various services and packages to ensure the satisfying results for our students.

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